Categories: NewsPublished On: July 14, 2021

We want to give you an update on our activities and events regarding the
 Coronavirus (COVID-19). Following recommendations from local, state, and national authorities, we cancelled regular events and group activities during this past year. After working with fatherless boys and single moms for 32 years, this has had quite an impact on us. We still communicate and keep in touch with local boys and moms and have some smaller get togethers with them, as well as work one-on-one with some. We are continuing the ministry on a local level, but there are changes coming with that. We are taking the difficulties of the past year and turning them into something positive.

One of the challenges has been finances for the program and the work and upkeep of our over 200 acres of lakefront land. We made a decision to sell that property and have purchased a smaller lakefront property in the same County in order to re-establish local events on a smaller scale then we had before. Until that is ready and operational, we are expanding our outreach in another direction.
We are making available to Churches and organizations who are open to working with fatherless boys, a free video produced by a businessman who donated it to us. This gives information on how to organize a program, the forms and paperwork involved, and mentoring activities that could be part of the program. A good starting point. This is called “Boys 2 Men 4 Christ” and can be accessed by a link online.

At this time we are traveling in our RV for a season and are available to speak to churches and organizations with our story and sharing from our experiences of 32 years now, and how you can also start reaching out to boys without dads. We’d be happy to keep in touch with you and help and guide you as you develop your own local fatherless boys mentoring outreach.

NOTE: John also speaks Spanish for those who are more comfortable with that.

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