Categories: Success StoryPublished On: August 4, 2021

PW, came to our program at age seven. He attended our regular events and at times his mother came to our single mom support group. We soon realized she had addiction problems which caused dysfunctional behavior and an unstable home life. He began to spend more time with us and by the time he entered high school, we took him into our home. He started to get good grades, was active in ROTC, became the mascot for the football team, worked a part-time job, and volunteered for many projects and events. We were so proud of him. After high school, he moved to another town and began working full time. His mother has had her ups and downs, but is working and we encourage her to continue toward a path of renewal.

What we realize is that when you help change a boy’s life, and he starts making good decisions, you also change the direction of his personal future family.