John Pyle


John Pyle has considerable past business ownership experience, including an Electronic Computer Programming Institute in Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Spain. In Puerto Rico, he owned the Taco Maker master franchise and sold/franchised 23 restaurants. He owned and ran wellness centers in Puerto Rico and has continued to market nutrition and wellness products.

In 1989 he founded Dads for Boys International, Inc. with the purpose of mentoring fatherless boys. This has been active in Central Florida, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Spain, and the Dominican Republic. Now John is focused on expanding the program around the U.S..

John Pyle - Founder

Joanne Jacquart Pyle

Editor / Planning / Coordinator

Joanne is the author of fifteen non-fiction books, writing life-changing stories to inspire, challenge and offer hope. Her business background includes management and nutrition product sales.

Brought up as one of seven children in a single mom home, her heart is strongly united with John’s, working with the fatherless boys and single moms. She assists with planning activities and events, and builds relationships with the moms, offering emotional and spiritual support.

Joanne Jacquart- Dads for Boys

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